Colour Scheme for HDB

Mei 18, 2019

If you have purchased a HDB apartment for example in Bukit Batok, are you stuck in the middle of your HDB interior design? There are many problems faced when it comes to choosing lighter or darker colours for your HDB; do the colour hues affect the size and feel of a room; what combination of colours look best together and etc. These are a few questions you may ask yourself when wanting to incorporate a colour scheme into your HDB apartment especially your bedroom. Here are some tips for you in choosing the correct colours for your HDB.

1.Paris Green
Paris Green is a very delicate combination of the zippiest of greys and with the lightest hues of green. It is a colour that imitates a refreshing yet elegant feel. Since HDB interior design is usually very respectful of space limitations, Paris Green is a colour that can bring a fresh yet stylish look at the same time while looking well in a small space. It is a Rococo era inspired colour, and beautifully evokes a very classical style edge in any interior design setting. You just cannot go wrong with green. There are so many tones in the green range that you could decorate a room entirely with variable shades, and it would still look great.

2. Grey
Grey is one of those ever popular, forever classic colour schemes that bring in its very own mini tint-palate to the mix. You have a complete shade palate to select from for example cloudy grey, industrial inspired tones of meter-by-meter tiles to the smooth, plain texture of slate-grey paint. It may also depend on whatever style of interior design you choose from, but most of the time, it is all about capturing a certain aesthetic. Sticking to a clean colour palette primarily consisting of shades of off-white, grey and brown, this simple home keeps its woodsy feel going with the rustic wooden furniture and charming little pots of succulents.

3. Black and White
No one would ignore a good dose of black and white? A black and white combination is timeless and classic, with endless possibilities from subdued to statement-making. While it may be the most classic of all, you always have to make sure to stride carefully while balancing out the ratio of black and white in your interior design. Just bear in mind that black colour has a lot of visual weight, and white, in contrast is completely reflective and breezy. Too much of both can seem too much, so always select carefully.

4. Contemporary Brown
Brown is one of those colours that have an au natural attraction. It can bring a naturally calm aura in any space it stands for. The good news is, brown comes in a multitude of shades, materials, texture and patterns. From the glossy finish of vinyl flooring to the brittle make of hardwood floors and sleek laminates, there is no aesthetic that a nice contemporary brown cannot match. You may have a bedroom features that combines great prominent brown colour with plenty of cream tones to act as accents. This is a gorgeous room that gives off that classic bedroom vibe since brown and cream naturally go very well together.

5. Blue
The colour blue stimulates feelings of peace, calm and serenity, and can make your HDB feel bigger. All shades of blue colours have also been proven to lower blood pressure. Blue is perhaps the most soothing colour on the entire colour wheel spectrum. It has a cool temperature that is extremely relaxing for the human mind. Picking any shade of blue for your HDB interior design can make your space look especially tranquil, without compromising on the trendiness. Navy blue, cornflower blue, cobalt blue and any other blue shades hues of the incredibly versatile colour stretch from humble, comfortable and relaxing to powerful, artistic and regal, depending on how the colour is used and what its paired with. Blue is one of those colours that can stand on itself. However, you may also add some white and natural textures, and you have got yourself a palette.

It is always your choice on the selection of the colour scheme as it is a very personal choice for the home owners. For example, you can choose a nice shade of plum and very well contrast it with orange of that is what you like.

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