Domino’s Launches Together-gether Fund In Honour of Unsung Heroes

Mei 20, 2018
Domino’s Launches Together-gether Fund In Honour of Unsung Heroes | As we welcome the special month of Ramadan, Domino’s once again celebrates good deeds and kind souls with the introduction of its latest initiative, the Together-gether Fund. Committed by its stand to give back to those who has contributed and sacrificed for the benefit of others and in line with its promise in enriching the lives of those around them, the Fund was launched recently as a dedication to the Unsung Heroes.

From left,  Mr. Lex Low,Mr. Palanikumar, Mr. Ahmad Faizal, Mr. Shamsul Amree, Ms. Linda Hassan, Mr. Mahadir, Mr. Kuan Chee Heng and Nurses & Doctor from Hospital UMRA.

The Together-gether Fund is a platform created by Domino’s to join hands with their customers as every purchase of the Ramadan Combos will contribute towards pizzas which will be accumulated and contributed to groups of Unsung Heroes. From May 17, 2018 to June 3, 2018, when customers purchase any of the Ramadan Combos namely the Ssamjeang Buddy Combo or Ssamjeang Super Combo, a slice of pizza is contributed to the fund. Every six slices of pizza make up a complete Regular pizza.

Shamsul Amree, Senior General Manager, Operations, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore said, “Beyond great discounts and fantastic deals, we are presenting our customers with an opportunity to join hands with us and extend their good deeds, especially for Ramadan. These Unsung Heroes are selfless individuals who sacrifice, serve and contribute to their families and communities, going beyond what is needed for the benefit of others and they are truly our inspiration and the epitome of devotion and service. We are very excited to share with you our Together-gether Fund which will see an accumulation of pizzas through customers purchase towards the Unsung Heroes and a number of charity homes.”

“The Unsung Heroes initiative is one that is very close to our hearts. For this bulan puasa, we thought long and hard about creating a platform for us to join forces with our dear customers – all for a good cause. We hope with the support of all Malaysians, we aim to accumulate more than 3,000 boxes of pizzas in the three-week period through this fund initiative which then will be distributed to more than 10,000 Unsung Heroes and underprivileged children during the Ramadhan Raya period,” said Linda Hassan, General Manager, Marketing, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore.

At the launch of the Together-gether Fund, individuals in society who have helped the community through their own personal efforts as well as groups of special individuals who truly place their duties and responsibilities before themselves, were invited for a sumptuous dinner and were presented with a token of appreciation from Domino’s Pizza. Among the Unsung Heroes who were acknowledged include Doctors and Nurses of Hospital UMRA, Firemen from Kota Anggerik Fire Station, Mr.Lex Low, the kind barber, Mr. Palani Kumar and his group of volunteers, Mr. Kuan Chee Heng, the founder of Community Policing Malaysia as well as Encik Ahmad Faizal, the inspiration behind the Unsung Heroes initiative. Caretakers and children of Rumah Titian Kasih and Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari were also invited as part of the launch.

Mr. Kuan Chee Heng (middle), founder of Community Policing Malaysia, recognized for his contribution to alleviate the financial burden of the poor and needy via various initiatives.

Mr. Lex Low (middle), the kind barber who gives free hair cuts and hair cut classes to the orang asli community.

It was all smiles for Domino’s guests that night as one of Domino’s Unsung Heroes, Encik Mahadir, Firemen from Kota Anggerik Fire Station said “I am very touched that there are organisations out there who still recognise us and our work. My job as a fireman is definitely challenging but being here and knowing that Domino’s is celebrating us and our contribution to the community is heart-warming. Thank you, Domino’s, for your support and care.”

Besides those who were present during the launch, Domino’s also acknowledged a group of close to 700 Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) engineering and airport ground operations workforce. A special pizza spread was delivered to them to recognise their efforts and hard work in ensuring that MAB aircrafts are maintained and airport operations services standards meet safety requirements to provide comfort to the passengers.

Ahmad Zamzury Abu Bakar, Senior Manager, Strategy - Market & Business Development of MAB said, “This is the first time a company has reached out to us to recognise our unsung heroes. It is a great gift for them to be acknowledged as many often forgets the dedication that goes into ensuring that every nut and bolt is checked and secured before a passenger steps foot on the flight as well as ensuring aircraft departs and arrive on schedule. A big thank you to Domino’s!”

A special pizza spread was delivered to the Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) engineering and airport ground operations workforce to recognise their efforts and hard work in ensuring that MAB aircrafts are maintained and airport operations services standards meet safety requirements to provide comfort to the passengers.

In line with Domino’s promise to provide value while giving back to the Unsung Heroes, customers can enjoy two Ramadan combo deals as part for the Together-gether Fund which are the Ssamjeang Buddy Combo and the Ssamjeang Super Combo. Priced at RM39.90, the Ssamjeang Buddy Combo includes 1 Regular Ssamjeang pizza, 1 Ayam-Haseyo, 1 Garlic Twisty Bread and 2 cans of soft drinks; while the Ssamjeang Super Combo, priced at RM59.90 comprises of 2 Regular Pizzas, 1 Ayam-Haseyo. 1 Cheesy Mozzarella/Cheddar Stix and 1 bottle of 1.5L soft drink.

Aimed at providing great deals for customers to share delicious meals with friends and family, customers can enjoy the Super Tuesday deal every Tuesday. Personal pizzas priced as low as RM3.90 for self-collect online orders and RM4.90 for over- the counter orders. Available in all pizza flavours (classic and first-class surcharges apply) and Banana Kaya 6”.

Super Tuesday deal every Tuesday

We can call Domino’s at 1-300-888-333 or log on to its website at to place their orders. For latest updates, please visit Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s Facebook at or Instagram at

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