4 Hidden Gem Recommendation To Visit in Malaysia

Januari 09, 2023

4 Hidden Gem Recommendation To Visit in Malaysia

As a Malaysian, you might get bored with famous attractions that usually become the destinations of most people who are first comer to Malaysia. Not to mention, some of them might include such as Petronas Twin Tower, KL Tower, or even the Country Zoo. 

Well, little did you know? Malaysia also has various hidden gem attractions that are also attractive and worth the time to see! Plus, these places are rarely known by foreigners, so, even in the peak season, you are still able to breathe and feel amazed with the view. 

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So, back to the topic about hidden gem attractions’ recommendations, here are some of the recommendation:

Hidden Gem Attractions in Malaysia

  1. Kuil Thean Hou

The first hidden gem recommendation for tourist attractions around Malaysia is Thean Hou Temple. This is a Buddhist temple which is also one of the largest temples in Southeast Asia.

Thean Hou Temple is located on Old Klang Road. When viewed from the ornaments of pictures and paintings. The Thean Hou Temple displays not only Buddhist teachings, but also elements of Confucianism and Taoism that can be seen in the hall with a Buddhist pagoda inside.

Kuil Thean Hou

Not only the temple, around Thean Hou Temple there are also gardens planted with Chinese medicinal plants, turtle ponds and prayer wells for visitors.

  1. Brickfield

In Malaysia, you can not only meet ethnic Malays. In fact, there is an area called Brickfield where the majority of the population is Indian.


Brickfield itself is also known as Little India in Malaysia. Here, you can see not only Indian settlements in Malaysia, but also temples, goods and buildings from India, and even markets.

For those of you who want to see a different side of Malaysia, this can be an option. This is because Brickfield not only provides housing for Indians, you can even see country houses from colonial times.

Not only that, you can also see various buildings from the colonial era, even traditional Indian-style items. When you go to Brickfield, you can also visit Nu Sentral which is one of the tourist attractions that you can visit while in Brickfield.

  1. Kampong Baru

Have you ever visited a village older than your age? In Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur to be precise, you can find a village that is over a hundred years old!

Kampong Baru

Kampong Baru

It's not only the age that can amaze you, in Kampong Baru you will also find an experience, where the residents are very friendly to the community.

When you go to Kampong Baru, don't forget to enjoy a variety of local foods too. There are several foods that you can try, such as chicken satay, curry, grilled meat, and other Malay specialties.

  1. Kwai Chai Hong

The last choice of tourist attractions that you can meet while in Malaysia is Kwai Chai Hong. This is one of the areas in Malaysia where you can learn about Malaysian history.

Not only that, the area around Kwai Chai Hong which is very classic will also be a special attraction, because it is very photogenic. Apart from that, around Kwai Chai Hong there are also various paintings depicting past moments in the form of QR codes, so that they can be enjoyed online via the internet.

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By now, of course, you already know a lot about the various choices of hidden gem tourist attractions around Malaysia. Among the several places above, which one is the most enchanting and would you most like to visit when you arrive in Malaysia?

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