Best Water Pump Review Malaysia

Oktober 19, 2022
Have you experience low water pressure at your own home in Malaysia? Over the years, this is a common occurrence but especially prominent for those residents which are living in an older landed property. It is inevitable facing low water pressure can be very frustrating and dreadful when you just want to take a warm shower after a long day of work. 

In turn, this can even lower the standards of living and damper your mood. However, this low-pressure issue can be easily overcome by installing high quality water pumps to improve the existing water pressure of your house. As a brief introduction, a water pump is an electromechanical device which acts as a hydraulic system to improve the water pressure through the piping.

Grundfos CM3-4PT,Panasonic A-130JACK,Grundfos Uni-E CM3-5

Lucky for you, we have got you covered by reviewing some of the best water pumps which are available in the market for you to consider before purchasing a water pump.

Best Water Pump Review Malaysia

Grundfos CM3-4PT Automatic Home Pressure Booster Water Pump

In looking for the best water pump in Malaysia, there’s one brand that is impossible to miss out which is Grundfos which is known for manufacturing high-quality water pumps for residential and commercial settings over the past 5 decades. Today, we would focus on a water pump suited for residential purposes which is the Grundfos CM3-4PT which is an incredibly reliable and durable pump.

Furthermore, this water is equipped with a pressure tank which would assist in smoothing the water flow. This water pump is invented to release about half of its water capacity into the pneumatic tank to increase the water pressure without relying on switching on the pump. So, this further enhance a smooth flow of water when you are using it.

Besides this, this water pump is capable of achieving a water pressure which is approximately between 18-38 PSI at 500W of power. This water pump has a built-in sensor which could automatically switch off if it senses a drastic water pressure difference which makes it super convenient to use.

However, this particular water pump is quite high maintenance because you would require to service it twice or once a year depending on your usage. Regardless, frequent maintenance has its advantages as well because it ensures high-pressure to be delivered to you every single time.

Panasonic A-130JACK Auto Water Pump

If you looking for a budget-friendly option, look no further because this energy-saving water pump is just for you. This water pump may seem very small in size but it saves space and economical because it only uses a maximum of 125W for your entire household.

Panasonic has been a household brand for a wide range of electrical devices which includes water pump for many decades. Hence, we shall introduce you the A-130JACK Auto Water Pump model which is easy to install and very user-friendly.

This water pump is equipped with impeller and a brass case cover which acts as an additional layer of protection against high temperatures and friction. This water pump also comes with a safety feature which is the thermal protector which can go up to 130 degrees Celsius to prevent any unwanted overheating. As such, this enhanced the durability and extend the lifespan of the water pump. 

However, this water pump is not waterproof and must be kept away from direct sunlight. For this particular reason, this water pump is more suitable to be use indoors rather than outdoors.

Grundfos Uni-E CM3-5 Automatic Variable Speed Booster Pressure Water Pump

If you are searching for a water pump that you can control the water pressure, then this Grundfos Uni-E CM3-5 may be for you because it comes with automatic variable speed booster. 

Furthermore, this water pump is equipped with an inverter motor which allows you to gain full access of the water pressure up to approximately 2.5 bar via their settings. This level of water pressure is safe and optimum which would prevent any premature pipe leaking issues. 

The automatic variable speed booster also functions by eliminating any possible water hammering that may cause any unfavourable surge of water pressure. This water pump also comes with safety mechanisms such as the in-built automatic start or stop function. As such, we can assure you this water pump is energy-saving, reliable and durable for your daily usage.

However, the downside of this water pump is that it may not conducive for a big family because it is only able to channel to 2-3 outlets of showerhead at a given point of time.

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